Wednesday, January 10, 2007

El Vulcan de Fuego

This is the most active volcano in Mexico and one of the most active in North America. The Fire Volcano, as it is known in English, is over 13,000' in elevation and last erupted in 1975 sending lava down it's North and Southeast slopes. Unfortunately, when I was there, there was no fire, death, or destruction to witness. Only some steam and a few clouds.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pyramids of Colima

These pyramids are nearly 3,000 years old. Together they cover 125 acres of land and so far less that 1% of the area has undergone scientific exploration. One unusual common link in all of these structures is their stairs. They are about 50% taller than what we are used to and the lowest couple of steps on each building are at least two feet high.

This first building was used for worship and many human remains have been found in and under it.

This one is a little more like what most would think of as a pyramid.

This next structure is in the center of the compound and it is believed to have had a thatched building on top of it originally.

This next part is attached to the right (south) side of the previous structure. Notice the sun dial in the left portion of the shot, and again in the next photo.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Welcom to my new blog. Here I hope to be able to keep all of my friends and family informed of my recent exploites and finaly will have a forum for displaying my many photos. Most recently, I spent two weeks in Jalisco and Colima States in Mexico. The weather was absolutely perfect, 80-90 degrees the whole time, making it hard to remember that it was Christmas time. While there Kriss and I saw many sights, my favorite being, naturaly, El Vulcan de Fuego. Known to the english speaking world as The Fire Volcano. We also enjoyed Kriss' little sisters wedding. These first photos were taken in Puerto Vallarta. The torso of the obsidian man is made from the largest solid piece of obsidian that I personaly have seen.