Wednesday, July 25, 2007


On Friday, July 13 Kriss, myself, and several of our friends and family met at Lassen Volcanic National Park for our wedding on the summit.
Kriss at the trailhead.

Gabe was kind enough to pack a couple folding chairs up the mountain for Kriss' aunt and mother.

After two and a half miles and nearly 2000' of elevation gain everyone made it to the top.

This is Gabe surveilling the area for the elusive mountain goblin which is know to attack large groups on the summits of south Cascadian mountains.

This is my idea of a church.

Kriss' little sister performed her first wedding. Thaks Jess.

In the far background you can see Mt. Shasta and in the near background is Mt. Lassen's crater rim.

The ceremony was actually held on level ground about 40' below the summit. After the ceremony several of us climbed the remainder of the way to the top. In this photo we see Kevin on the summit looking down at the area where we held the ceremony.

Kriss nearing the summit.

Jessica on the summit

Gabe...need I say more?