Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cascadian Adventures

At Carrie and Addie's dinner party last night it was brought to my attention just how lazy I am with my blog. It occurred to me to defend myself by pointing out that I am a mountaineer who specializes in nature photograpy and it is the middle of the winter. Then it also occurred to me that since I have gone to digital I have taken over 15,000 pictures, so I guess that excuse is kinda week. In an attempt to redeem myself I have decided to post some of my favorite shots from various climbs I have done in the past few years...enjoy.

Mt. Shuksan
July 29,2003
This is one of my all time favorite shots. It was taken from the summit looking east into the Cascades. For anyone interested in photography, this is an excelent example of why we should learn the rules so that we can know how to successfully break them. This is what happens when backlighting goes right.

                                                      After ascending a moderately crevassed glacier Mt. Schuksan finishes with a 600' 4th class rock climb. Here we see Gabe and Kevin climbing the final portion of that 600'.

                                                                                                                        What better base camp could a man ask for?

Baker Lake in the background.

    Ruth Mt.
September 2, 2003

"For novice climbers, Ruth Mountain makes a good outing; for all climbers, the route is a good conditioning hike, and an outstanding introduction to and inspiration for the more difficult climbs into the peaks in the adjacent area." This line taken from Selected Climbs in the Cascades has proven to be profoundly true for me. In 1996 I had become frustrated by not being able to find anyone interested in climbing with me. Apparently there are some people who don't get the whole idea of mountaineering? At any rate, I came to the conclusion that the only way I was ever going to get to the summit of a mountain was to do it solo, so in early June of that year I headed off on a solo attempt of Mt. Ruth. That was to be the first of three visits to the summit, in addition to three or four failed attempts. These photos are all from the third successful climb when Kevin, Gabe and myself spent the night in our bivy sacks on the summit.

Base camp on the summit.

This view is to the southwest from the summit, looking at Mt. Schuksan with the Nooksack Cirque on the left, and Mt. Baker in the background on the right.

This fire-red sunset was caused by smoke from an abnormally large amount of forest fires. The bright stripes under the sun is light reflected off the Puget Sound


Looking down into Nooksack Cirque.

Ruth from the Hannegan Pass trail.

Picket Range

Tatoosh Range
August 4th & 5th, 2006

Mt. Rainier

Unicorn Peak in the setting sun.

Gabe on the descent of Unicorn Peak.

Kevin nearing the summit of Pinnacle Peak.

Rainier from the summit of Pinnacle Peak with Kevin and Gabe.