Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheap tailbag for the FZ1

As you can see, It's not quite a pretty as some of the newer GIVI bags, but for less than $60.00, delivered to my door, mounting plate included it is a great deal. It is fully water proof, lockable, and mounts solidly to its mount and the bike.

JC Whitney offers this bag in two sizes, this one being the large. It's a tight fit, but I can fit two Shoei full face helmets, med and small, in and close the lid.

I have only two complaints. One was a decal on the lid that was an iron cross. Very easy to peal off. The second complaint is the ugly orange stripe in the front half of the bag. The reflector portion seen from the back doesn't look bad at all, but that orange stripe has to be painted black.